Crunch Time…

Things are getting very interesting around these parts.

I am at the beginning of the end. Or a better phrasing may be to say, I have just begun the final level for this particular iteration of the game. It’s the fourth quarter, we’ve entered the final stretch.

For the past year and a half I have been working on a writing project and in a relative short amount of time I will be publishing my first book.

I have to admit I am a bit nervous about the whole ordeal.

I find myself mixed with feelings of apprehension, excitement, relief and a very healthy amount of fear. A part of it is because the book isn’t finished. I have the equivalent of two more chapters to complete, all of which have been mapped out and properly planned; I just have to buckle down and get them done.

Aside from the writing there is a short but stocky list of branding items that I need to complete as well. I have the blog but I also need an author’s website, I have to get the book cover designed and completed and I also have to jumpstart some type of marketing effort. I have a little experience with web design, I have a book cover idea in mind, and I have a couple of plans on how to get the word out. I know what needs to be done and I have an idea of how I want to do them. From here I just have to execute.

Even after we account for the writing and marketing that both need doing, there still sits in the pit of my stomach this hatchling of anxiety. There is this evert-present vestige of self-doubt that seems to loiter and tarry in the depths of me, whispering the things that self-doubt whispers.

“This is a dumb idea. It’ll never work. You’re wasting you time.”

And in my mind I respond with a simple. “I know.”

Because even if all those things are true, which they very well may be, I still want to go through with it.

This first project has been, for me, comparable to what I imagine it feels like to run a marathon. I’ve come so far, put in so much effort and so much energy and now finally the finish line is within sight. I want to cross it, even if I end up in last place.

We’ve simply come to far to give up now.

So yeah, things are getting very interesting. It’s crunch time.

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