Hence the Name…

Yes I’m still alive and no I did not forget about you. Truth is I have just been very, very busy trying to put the book together.

I am compiling a collection of short stores written and published on this blog and making them into a book. That book is scheduled to release on April 4th, which is only 15 days away from the date of this post. I have been working on this project for a year and a half, it contains short stories that are both fiction and nonfiction and as far as I can tell goes against every piece of logical advice every given to an aspiring author looking to start a career as a writer. And that’s why a named it a Poor Excuse for a Book, because it is, but it seems fitting to me for a poor excuse for an author to start his poor excuse for a writing career with a poor excuse for a book.

This book, for me, will be the first of many, and in a very abstract and difficult to describe way is the blueprint for everything I will write from here on out. With that said I would like to thank everyone who has followed this pitiful little blog up to this point, your likes and views have helped to keep me motivated, grounded and focused throughout the life of this project. Every like, every view every comment helped push me to keep writing and see this thing through to the end. A Poor Excuse for Blog is not ending. I will continue to post here about my writing journey and even over the next few days I have a lot about the publishing process that I need to catch you guys up on. I just wanted to check in and let you know I’m still here and to say thanks to my first readers who took an interest in my writing when you had absolutely no reason to do so.


Thanks Again!!!


We’re almost at the finish line!



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