A Post a Day keeps the Goblins away…

At the turn of the year I began blogging daily. One post a day everyday, to strengthen my craft and get my reps. After a few days, I recognized posting daily would not be an easy thing and I had a few close calls where I almost missed my midnight deadline. I decided to keep the daily post coming for as many days as I could keep a count of how many consecutive post I could accumulate and if I ever missed a day, I’d restart my count with a goal to beat the highest number attained thus far.

Well last Friday I got lost in the sauce and missed my first daily post of the year after 18 days. I went ahead and held off on restarting my count right away in order to finish up a short story that had been lingering behind the scenes a little to long. The daily post are a great exercise and I find them to be extremely helpful for my writing as a whole but they also can eat up a lot of my precious writing time and I already have very little to spare. So I took a week to mentally reset, finish up a very important non-fiction story that I will be posting shortly and now I’m back in the saddle and ready to make another run. 19 days straight is the bare minimum for daily post, but I’m going to shoot for a solid 30.


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