Somnium Creaturae​…

I am alone.

Floating in a timeless formless void. I attempt to move, but my body does not respond. I have no body. Where my arms and legs should be, there is nothing. All around me there is nothing. I am alone, floating in a timeless and formless void, without form.

I do not know who I am, or what I am, or if I am. Am I nothing, floating amongst the nothing, a random and irrational spark of momentary consciousness that appears in the void only to disappear back into the void shortly after. I slowly feel myself fading back to that from whence I came. the unseeable and unknowable force that holds me together begins unraveling and my bodiless mind begins seeping and dissipating back out into nothing, and in that moment, I fear my time has come and gone.

Fear. The thought of not being twist something within my unseen mind. I cannot, not be, I refuse to not exist. In panic and purpose, I force my existence to hold steady, with unseen limbs I grab tightly to the fabric of reality and hold myself together. Where there is nothing, I am.  In the void, I exist. It cannot be proven yet it cannot be denied. I will myself into existence, I wrap form around thought, flesh around form, arms, legs. A body! I am a man floating lost in infinite space. I am a man!

Momentarily my concentration slips and my fragile body begins to unravel.

“I am here, I am here.”

“I exist, I exist.”

“I am alive… I am alive.”

My mastery over reality is fleeting, but it is mastery all the same. I pull myself back together, I am a man, in infinite space. No in a world, in a house, on a couch.

I wake up, and everything around me blinks into existence. I am alive.

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