Dungeons, Dragons and Text Messages

For no reason other than I’d like to share them with you, below are the text message reminders that I send to my D&D group in preparation for our game sessions. D&D is a very engrossing and challenging storytelling exercise that keeps me on my toes always trying to plan two steps ahead while planning fun and exciting paths for my players, so while it may seem like I’m goofing off, I’m really hard at work on my craft.

A young man in a brown tunic runs up to you as you sit at what has now become your

usual table here at the Water Road Inn. You are nursing a pint of mead that you seem in no particular hurry to drink when the boy approaches.

“Excuse me, aren’t you a memba of the Company of Champions?”

You nod, a bit taken aback by his abruptness as well as his knowledge of this information, your party only just registered with the adventurers guild a few days ago after all.

“I ‘ave a message for you,” and he hands you a small piece of parchment folded and held shut with a wax seal. You open it and read the following.

“Hey ya’ll next scheduled D&D game is set for Saturday, January 12th.”

You look up from the letter confused. What the hell is D&D. You see the boy staring at you as if waiting on something. You pull out a copper and toss it over to him, he snatches it out of the air with a speed that almost makes you jump from your seat. He turns to leave and then looks back over his shoulder and says to you in a different yet very familiar voice.

“And don’t be late!”

Before disappearing out of the door


You toss and turn in your borrowed bed. Restless. The smell of stale ale and the gods know what else waft up from the tavern below. You’ve laid in bed for hours, but you haven’t slept a wink. The dawn will come soon and you know with it will come new adventures, new perils, new ways to die or new ways to survive. As rays of the morning sun crest over the horizon and hit the mysterious and magical land of Deos, a disembodied voice speaks directly into your mind and says.

“We have a Dungeons and Dragons Session today at 7 pm…. don’t be late.”


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