New Achievement Unlocked!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been posting daily since the turn of the year. It’s all been apart of my “read more, write more” game plan for 2019.

The single best way to become a better writer is by writing more, hence the daily post. But not only do I write at least one blog post per day, but I also try and spend time working on my short stories as well.

The idea, as it currently stands, is to post daily for as many days in a row as possible, stacking and tallying the days to see how far I can get before I slip up and let a day get by me without posting anything. Then, after that slip up, I’ll look back to see how many consecutive daily post I was able to make, then I reset my counter and go again to see if I can beat my latest record.

Sadly, thanks to Playstation and XBox that’s how my mind works now. Most of the things I do are acheivement based. You can pretty much get me to do anything if you simply accompany the completion of the task with a little message that reads “New Achievement Unlocked: Take out the Papers and the Trash –  Congratulations! You have taken out the trash everyday for seven concecutive days.”

Those arrangment of words do something to my brain chemistry. It just sends a flood of dopamine into my bloodstream, I’m addicted. Hopefully,  when properly channeled and applied, it will be quite productive.


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