A New Era

I’m a fan of the basketball player Lebron James. Drafted straight out of high school, and thus far has accumulated three NBA Championships, four Most Valuable Players Awards, Three Finals Most Valuable Players Awards and two Olympic Gold Medals. A spot in the NAb Hall of Fame is guaranteed, his legacy is secured. And still, Lebron will never be as good as Micheal Jordan. Lebron on has three Championship rings compared to Micheal’s six, and MJ won all his rings with a single team, whereas LBJ started in Cleveland, went to Miami, won twice, went back to Cleveland, won once and has now moved out to L.A. On top of that Lebron James has been to the Finals eight times, but has only walked away with the win three times. Whenever Jordan has been to the Finals, he went home with a championship.

Even amidst all of Lebron’s greatness, his record is marred by these dark spots seem to dampen his standing as one of the best players to ever pick up a basketball. But the truth of the matter is Lebron entered the NBA in a different era than Jordan. To assume that two different careers would follow the same trajectory among two completely different set of circumstances is both unrealistic and unfair.

My goal is to be the absolute best writer that I can be and to build a legacy based upon that writing. Oftentimes I look at the legacy left behind by other writers and it looks vastly different from how mine will look years from now. I look to the likes of Langston Hughes, W.E.B. Dubois, Douglas Adams, Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling and think how their careers have been built and none to seem to lead back to a series of journal entries about how they long to be great writers. And honestly, that’s disheartening. But then I think about Lebron and how all paths to greatness are not the same and to expect my journey to mirror that of everyone else who came before me is neither realistic or fair.

We are in a new era for not only authors, writers, and readers, but for media, technology, and storytelling as a whole. With the internet, smartphones, ebooks, audiobooks, blogging, vlogging, social media and the rise of self-publishing, the world has changed and it is impossible to operate by the same standards and ideas as we did twenty years ago.

The world has changed and the game is not the same anymore. I can’t be Micheal Jordan, I have to be Lebron.

Luckily for me, the Era of Micheal Jordan is over and quite frankly there is nothing better than being Lebron James in the Era of Lebron James.

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