I’m so pumped!!!!!!!!

I’ve found my second wind and I am ready to kick it into overdrive as I try and finish up this book!

I am in the final phases of wrapping up what has to be one of my longest short stories to date, and I have to say I am very excited and anxious to not only complete the story but to get it posted up here on to the blog so you guys can check it out. Everything posted here is pretty much a first draft so any feedback or commentary you guys have is much appreciated!

After that I’m rolling straight into the next nonfiction story and I am already revved up and ready to go on that one as well.

Couple more fictions and a couple more nonfictions and we will be pretty much there. Thanks for sticking with me I’m going to try my best to make it all well worth the wait.

 *Footnote: In case you don’t know the story, I am an aspiring writer working on my first book. A collection of short stories featuring both fiction and non fiction narratives. Nonfiction stories from my life and experiences and fiction stories influenced and shaped by those same experiences and heavenly seasoned with a dash of imagination. I plan to self publish this first book attempt and to document the entire process from writing to printing here on this blog.




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