Stranger than Fiction

I fancy myself a fiction writer. Which is to say, if given the opportunity between spending the day writing reality based stories or spending the day writing fantastical made up epics, I’d choose epics every time. But I’ve come to find out very recently, that I may be better at writing non-fiction than I am at writing fiction. Woe is me.

Fiction writing offers a certain freedom that I simply enjoy, there are no real limitations, the world is yours to build from the ground up and best of all, with fiction there are times when you as the writer aren’t even sure what’s going to happen next. I love that. I will say however, writing fiction takes more then a small amount of skill. It’s easy to get lost in the story amidst all the different possibilities and direction in which it can go. Certain aspects of the story pull you left, other aspects of the story pull you right. The characters want you to go North, the plot wants to go south. You’re juggling priorities, determining direction, trying to stay on task, fighting off distractions. It can be a lot, and for me that’s the primary reason so many projects can be hard to finish. It’s easy to get in too deep and get overwhelmed.

Non-fiction for me is a little bit different. It’s memories. It’s what happened, how it happened and who all was present. Then its just a matter of getting all of that out of your head and on to the page using the best words possible. Its remembering, which usually isn’t too tough because, you were there. But at the same time that’s sort of what kills it for me. I was there. I know what happened, I know how the whole thing ends. It’s a story that’s already played out and I tell myself I’m over it. Been there, done that.

That’s silly of me. I see that now. Non-fiction offers a realm of discovery that I have previously left ignored in writing but explored regularly in conversation with friends. I have “go to” stories that get told at almost every family gathering, every guys night, every trip down memory lane. While it’s always been my pleasure to tell the stories, it never occurred to me to write the stories. So I am glad to say moving forward I will be tapping into that medium more and as a result I have some great things coming to you guys in the future.

So Poor Excuse for a Blog will be divvied into two primary categories. One category will be “The Fictions” and that’ll be all of the zombie stories, werewolf dramas and vampiric love triangles. And then the other category will be “The Non-Fictions” which will contain true stories from my odd and rather offbeat life, and I must say, I’m excitied.

Anyway, keep an eye out, I got some really fun stuff coming for both categories which I think will surprise and entertain. Stay Tuned!



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  1. Every story is part of the big narrative of life, the jigsaw puzzle creating an image of what we are and where we are heading. A story has to be interesting with a style that offers the reader an active role in the process of interpretation. Good luck in your attempts. I will offer some poor excuses for comments as well…..

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