Master Craft

I am convinced that the written word is one of the highest forms of communication among human beings. It is the closest thing to telepathy that we will get, until telepathy becomes available. With the written word, I take images and ideas from my mind and project similar, if not the exact same images and ideas into your mind. Telepathy, which when you think about it, is pretty damn amazing.

Now like any sci-fi movie or comic book narrative will tell you, telepathy (much like telekinesis) is a skill that must be developed over time and through strenuous practice and repetition. It is a craft that must be mastered, and once mastered, once again as sci-fi and comics have taught us, the wielder of said skill shall become… invincible. That is, invincible in the sense that I truly mean immortal, and by immortal I mean in the figurative sense in which the wielder is more or less remembered for a time period after his/her death for being very good at their chosen profession and not invincible/immortal in the sense where the wielder is impervious to harm, pain or threat of death, and upon learning so, goes mad with power and tries to subjugate the human population to his/her will, utterly destroying any would be do-gooder that dare oppose him/her by using the aforementioned inscrutable powers of telepathy. All of which I am sure goes without saying.

My aspirations are a bit more humble than those of world domination. As a writer I seek only to master my craft. There must be something said about a perfectly communicated thought. Sentences and paragraphs, sculpted with precision, painted with a palette of only the most perfect words and then placed on display in a way that it connects properly to the audience for which it was intended. Writing is art, and I have come to find that art is limitless. This concept is obscure and often when trying to explain this line of thinking I find myself receiving strange stares as if I suddenly begin speaking in a different language mid-conversation. I’ve grown use to this however, so it now bothers me little, if at all. It only re-affirms to me that communication must be perfected through writing, not talking. And while for others a spoken conversation is preferred to writing and reading, I prefer paper and ink. So like a comedian perfects a routine, or an orator perfects a speech or as a singer perfects a performance, I seek to perfect my words, to master my craft. To elevate my rudimentary telepathic powers to their utmost potential. Now, if I could only unlock those powers of telekinesis.

Then truly… I shall become invincible.

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