Nate Blogg!!!!!!

La-da-da-da-da its the one and only N-A-T-E!

*C-Walks onto Blog*

(NATE BLOGG you lil Buster!!!)

La-da-da-da-da you know I’m mobbing with the…

Ok I’m not mobbing with anyone at the moment, but hopefully you got the reference. Nate Blogg, get it… like Nate Dogg,  as in West Coast Hip Hop legend, as in Nate Dogg and Warren G, as in Regulators, as in G-Funk, as in the Dogg Pound. If you haven’t connected the dots yet, leave the blog right now. I’m ashamed of you. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

After I started “A Poor Excuse for A Blog” someone stated that I should have named the Blog , “Nate Blogg”, as in Nate Dogg, and I thought to myself “Damnit that’s Genius! Why didn’t I think of that!” but alas the Blog had already been named & publicized and therefore, set in stone. And to be honest I like the name “A Poor Excuse” I feel it just really fits me somehow. But incase you didn’t know, my name is Nathan, and growing up I got called Nate Dogg a lot, which is still, and has always been, a very cool deal for me because Nate Dogg is dope AF, so it’s a comparison that I have never been opposed to.

However, since the blog had already been named, and I, never being one to let a genius idea got to waste, figured that I would at least use the name for an individual blog post. So here we are! (Shoutout to Stacy who gave me the idea to begin with!)

What better post, then the one titled after the Blog’s Unofficial Name (Yeah, I literally just made that the Blog’s Nickname, its wild out here family) to go into greater detail as to what the blog is actually about!

“A Poor Excuse for a Blog” or (Nate Blogg as his friends call him) is a blog about my pitiful and pathetic attempts to become a better, and dare I say it, one day “professional” writer. I hope to take you through my attempt to complete, publish and market my first novel, of which I have been working on now for roughly 7 years 😫😫😫

Let me qualify that. Yes, I’ve been working on my book for 7 years… at least… and no I’m not done yet. BUT! I do have a good excuse, its been 7 years right? But I’ve been writing off and on, and ummm… I had a kid, then… I had another kid, and umm… I took a nap, and then… OK so I don’t have a good excuse, so what?! Who are you my judge? We judging now, you didn’t even know who Nate Dogg was a few minutes ago! So how about you take a cold hard look in the mirror before you judge me buddy boy… or buddy girl, which ever my apply to you.

So ok yes, I’ve been working on my book for a long time, but I am determined to buckle down and finish it, and I’m gonna to take you along for the ride. I’ll drop an update here every time I finish a chapter and currently I am on Chapter 25 or a possible 32 (See, I’m almost there…) Also, I hope to update Nate Blogg regularly with post tackling all types of different writing related subjects such as character development, setting, pacing, writing techniques, the creative process, inspiration, some of my own practice writing and whatever else I think may be helpful. Being the overly ambition animal I have been known to be, I am also aiming to post a unique writing project at least once a month, this may be a short story, and excerpt from the novel itself or just some well-developed writing project that I may have been tinkering with that particular month. Also, now this is the last thing so stay with me, I will also being doing some nonfiction drops basically telling stories from my own life and experiences that I think a lot of you guys will find particularly interesting and entertaining, so definitely stay tuned for that. I will actually go more in-depth into what I mean by that in a separate post as you can see this one is running kind of long.

So that’s it, this is A Poor Excuse for a Blog but hey, its ours! You, Me and Nate Blogg, now que up “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre Featuring Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and Nate Dogg  from Dr. Dre’s 2001 Album “Chronic 2001” then skip down to the end of the song cause that’s the Big Homie Nate D-O-double G part! 🗣AND TURN IT ALL THE WAY UP!!!! (that link goes to youtube, *parental advisory explicit content*) (NOW CLICK IT AND SING ALONG) ( wait a minute… damnit there’s a darn ad before the music starts… hold on, ok yeah, now skip the ad, ok here we go!)

“Hold up, heeeeeey

For the people who be thinkin’ we soft

We don’t Plaaaay

We gon’ rock it the wheels fall off

Hold up, Heeeeeey

For my brothers who be actin’ to bold

Take a seat

Hope you ready for the Next Episode


(long silent pause)

Smoke Weed  Read/ or Write a Blog Every day!

-The one and only Nate Dogg


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