If I Knew Now What I Knew Then…

Old Self: Hey New Self!

New Self: Heya Old Self.

Old Self: I got some advice for ya.

New Self: Lay it on me buddy.

Old Self: Number one, enjoy every moment while you can, time is fleeting and waits around for no man.

New Self: Wise words.

Old Self: Number two, be the man you want to be not the man they want you to be. This is our life, and we gotta live it, not anyone else.

New Self: Good stuff.

Old Self: And lastly…

New Self: Keep it coming.

Old Self: Always know the score.

New Self: Always know the sco…. Boy you’re a genius. Hey while we’re talking I have some advice for you as well, just a few tips to help you get a head a step or two before you past the baton on to me. Now keep in mind, I’m definitely not trying to tell you how to do your job, but these are just a few things I’ve noticed, that if taken into consideration, will greatly benefit us both!

Ok Old Self, you ready?

Old Self?

Old Self you there?

Old Self you ok!?!?

Newer Self: He’s not here.

New Self: What do you mean “he’s not here”? Where did he go?

Newer Self: He’s gone.

New Self: This isn’t possible he can’t be gone, we were just talking. I had so much to tell him, so much to share.

Newer Self: I’m sorry, I know you two were close.

New Self: Wh-who are you?

Newer Self: Me? I’m you… the New You.

New Self: Wait so you’re saying, you are the ‘new’ new me and I am the ‘old’ new me?

Newer Self: Basically, yes.

New Self: Nooooooooooooooo! *sob-sob* how could this happen to me. How could I have been so foolish.

Newer Self: Say… would you by chance happen to have any advice for your new self?

Old New Self:  As a matter of fact I do…. Number one, remember to enjoy every moment while you can, time is fleeting and waits around for no man…

New New Self: Oooh that’s good.

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